Tips for a successful night at Club Discretions.

This page is a little bit of reading, but the 5 minutes you take

might be the best 5 minutes you ever invest.

Most of it is just common manners.


First and foremost, NO MEANS NO.

It doesn't mean, "ok, maybe a little" It means NO. Respect it.

Going up to a table and saying "hi" never hurt anyone. If someone tells you

they aren't interested, say thank you, and walk away. If you

are an ass about it, everyone will know and it may hurt

your chances at meeting others. If you are polite, they

may think of a friend that you would be perfect for. We

 all have different tastes and desires, it just simply means you aren't

theirs, that night.

When approaching a couple, never and I mean NEVER, wait

 till one of them walks away and approach the one you want

to party with. Many couples view this as cowardly and will have no interest.

Approach them as the couple they are.

Also, when speaking with a couple, speak to BOTH of them. If you

make one feel left out, they make you feel left out later.

When people start partying in public, GIVE THEM ROOM. If too many

people crowd around them instantly, it can become claustrophobic

to some and they may discontinue the show.

On the wall, across from The View, is a message board. This is a great

place to see who is looking. Also a great place to let others

know you are looking. Don't be afraid to use it.

Be polite to others in the club. People of all races, ages, and sizes

 come to the club. If they aren't your cup of tea, then a simple

 "no" will suffice.

Respect other peoples space, as you would want them to respect yours.

Contact the staff if any issues arise right then and there. No one can

 take care of a problem if you come up and tell them the following

week. The staff at Club Discretions is top notch and truly care about the

club and it's patrons. Also, if needing questions answered, they are

happy to help. They are the friendliest staff you

could ever ask for. Please show them your gratitude for their efforts.

Take care of those that take care of you.


Drinking. Many people drink to loosen up. If you need to get sloshed

 to go to the club, just remember,  it is very unattractive to others.

Have you ever seen an attractive drunk when you were sober?

Just drink in moderation. Please, don't drink and drive.

We want you to come back.

Wash your hands in the restroom. The guy/gal that sees you not wash,

might be the guy/gal of the couple you are seeking.

The bar has an area to get your drinks. Please use it.

It makes the barmaid's job easier.

All of our food is sealed packaging. In trying to keep our costs down,

please only take what you eat and eat what you take. Any person

caught taking packaged food home, will be removed and banned

from the club. Please help us keep our costs down.

Lockers and towels are provided for your use.

 Locks for sale at a minimal charge.

Sex and money. This is a social club, it is NOT a brothel. Your

entrance fee gets you into a private club, that is it. No type

of sex for money is tolerated, this includes, selling sex, buying

 sex, tipping girls dancing on stage, etc.

Certain rules will be strictly enforced. No cameras. No weapons

 of any type. Cell phones are not to be used inside the club

 (too many have those cameras on them now). No alcohol brought

 inside. No law enforcement personnel. No media personnel. No drugs.

 No fighting (let the staff handle the rare issues that arise).

No gang apparel.

If you are caught on premise with a recording device, it will be confiscated

and held, until Club Discretions has had someone verify no images are stored,


You will be held liable for any costs involved with such verification.

               Failure to follow these rules will get you removed/banned from the club.





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